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*We never share or sell your email!

Get your ebook Developing the Leadership Self a chapter excerpt from the best selling book:
Experts and Influencers the Leadership Edition

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Grab your copy today!

Get your ebook A Force of Nature a chapter excerpt from the best selling book:
The Animal Legacies

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Grab your copy today!

Empowering  leaders to show up, speak up and stand out!

Are you a holistic health practitioner, new thought leader, wellness advocate or transformational coach with a huge message to share? Are you ready to embody your most powerful presence and step up to the mic to share your work, your passion and your story of transformation with the world?

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Aeriol is an Empowerment Leader,  Holistic Educator and Powerful Presence Coach.

Aeriol is the founder, producer and show host of the Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast Network as well as a seasoned performer and public speaker with a passion for supporting holistic healers and transformational coaches to find their voice, step into their power and deliver their message with ease for an audience of any size.

Attention: Wellness Professionals, Holistic Practitioners and Empowerment Coaches Check out our opportunities for interviews, speaking events and book writing projects.

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Aeriol empowers you with the leadership and whole self care support to be your very best in these Free eBook Downloads from her best selling books. Do yourself a huge favor and grab your copies of these informative and inspiring resources today.

Developing the Leadership Self 

Learn to step into your power and embrace leadership with this free chapter excerpt from the international best selling book Experts and Influencers Leadership Edition. 

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A Force of Nature: a story of self healing

Connect with your intuition and animal guides to heal from depression and emotional trauma in this free chapter except from the international best selling book The Animal Legacies.

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Positive Affirmations for Success and Happiness 

Free eBook and 30 day Positive Affirmation Program to stay focused on Positive Mindset, Success and Happiness.

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“Aeriol is awesome. Her energy lights up and uplifts the entire room. She draws her audience in with her great stories and she keeps then engaged with her unique empowering exercises. Aeriol makes a huge impact on audiences and leaves them rearing to go!”

Caterina Rando
Founder, Thriving Women in Business Community

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